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What I’ve been doing lately.

Well, this is going to be the first test of Windows Live Writer using Windows 7.  I hope it works.

I’ve been running Windows 7 since yesterday afternoon and so far, it’s working flawlessly.  Downloaded it, burned the .iso image to a DVD and installed it over the top of my Windows Vista 64-bit OS.  Brave aren’t I?  LOL  If I have to reformat, so be it, but I just wanted to have the latest and greatest and I’m glad I did.

Only thing that don’t work with Windows 7, so far, is Windows Live OneCare, so had to uninstall that, clean out all the files and have temporarily downloaded NOD32.  Am going to try Avast later.  According to the Avast Forum it works excellently with Windows 7.  I just wish Microsoft would have made Morro available for download along with Windows 7 Beta.  That would have saved a lot of trouble.  A lot of people are complaining about it.  Maybe Microsoft will relent and let us install Morro.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  LOL

Other than that, there’s nothing really to talk about, except that I think I may be needing some new speakers soon.  My Altec Lansing THX system is starting to pop and crack when the power is supplied to it.  I may try changing the fuse.  Don’t know if that has anything to do with it or not, but I just might try.  Can’t hurt, can it?  LOL

Ok, Hope everyone has a great week.  We have 10” of snow here, anyone want some?  Be more than happy to send you as much as you want.



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