Just a few lines

20 Feb

Well, just a few lines about what I’ve been up to lately.

I sold my old computer to a friend and am teaching him how to use it.  He’s never touched a computer in his life so it is a real challenge for him, but he is learning slowly.  I have him playing Solitaire so he can get used to the mouse.  It’s amazing how something that seems so simple to us is so difficult for a newbie.  But he has been practicing and today said that he has it mastered.  I’ll see tomorrow and if it’s true, I’ll be ordering internet service for him.   Now that will really be a challenge for him.  LOL  But I’m sure he will enjoy it.  He’s partially disabled so it will be good therapy for him to get on and join some social network site.  I’ll try to keep him away from the usual MySpace and Face Book.  Maybe I’ll get him in to  That’s a rather benign social group.

Well, that’s about it for now.  It’s getting late and Morpheus is calling.  LOL

Have a great day everyone.



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