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Well, I haven’t been around lately have I?

Gee, I really need to get in here more often and keep this place updated.  But when you get involved with all these different social networking places, it’s hard to keep up.  I hope to get in here more often and now that I have my iPhone, maybe I can do it from there too.  If I can Twitter, I can update my Live Space too, right?

Anyway, as stated above, my phone upgrade was a saga in itself.  I had a Nokia 6058 and upgraded to a Nokia 6650.  I did it online, so didn’t get a chance to play with the phone before making the decision.  Bad move.  Keys are way too small for my big, fat fingers.  So, I called AT&T and asked if I could exchange the phone and the person I spoke with said I could just take it in to any AT&T retail outlet and exchange it.  Well, I did and was more or less talked into the Blackberry Bold.  Well, in the store, I felt comfortable with it, but then when I got it home and tried to log on to the internet and log in to some of my forums, I ran into too many problems with my big, fat fingers hitting the wrong key.  Even with the Speed Dial functionality, I could never get my finger to hit the right key.  So, I called AT&T again and was quickly told that I was only allowed one exchange and that AT&T doesn’t exchange phones just because one doesn’t like it.  So, I rushed off an e-mail message to AT&T and received a message back thanking me for being a great customer and for having two lines and being with them for ages and ages and I could, of course, exchange the phone again.

Well, I went back to the same store and worked with Veronica and finally got a phone I can work with, the iPhone.  I can actually type rather well with it and as soon as I get more used to it, I should be able to type rather quickly.  It’s really a great phone and I got it the day the reduced the price to $99.00.  I really should have waited for the newest iPhone, the 3G s, but that one is $199.00 with a 2 year contract, but only if I would be eligible to upgrade, which I’m not, so the phone will probably cost me $299.00 if not more.  I’m not sure I want to go that route.  It has some very neat features, like voice commands, compass, video recording, etc.  Is it worth it?  Maybe.  I’ll have to check it out.  Maybe when the second phone line is eligible to upgrade, I can get it then and have them switch it over to my phone number.  I’ll have to do some smooth talking probably to get it done.  We shall see.


Got a job as an attendant in a parking lot.  All I have to do is collect the money.  It’s not bad, but when I have to work the night shift (11:00 P.M. to 06:00 A.M.) it’s really boring, but now that I have my iPhone, I can at least occupy my time by Twittering or posting in all my forums.  I haven’t tried Facebook or yet, but will, eventually.

Ok, well, that’s about it for today.  I’ll try to keep this place updated.  Can’t guarantee anything though.  LOL

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

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