4 months without a post, good heavens!

11 Oct

Well, I guess everyone will think I’ve completely forgotten this site, but I haven’t, really.  LOL  I’m just too darned busy with Twitter, Face Book, Multiply, etc.  I run out of time.  And I’m not even working anymore, so imagine if I was, my goodness, I wouldn’t have time for any computer work.  Well, anyway, here I am today and just to catch you up on what’s going on, well I had a part time job and had a problem with one of the other employees.  He stole $860.00 from me so they fired both of us.  LOL  I was going to pursue the matter with an attorney, but it wasn’t really worth it.  I can’t really afford an attorney and what if I lost?  Then what.  Anyway, I don’t think I could have worked there again even if they had called me back.  The fact that they have cameras in the office and still doubted my word is what really hurt.  I think the boss just didn’t really like me.  Their loss.  LOL

So, that’s really it, except that my friend Jeronimo has been having a terrible time lately.  He had to go in for a biopsy of the prostate and whatever they did, he now requires a catheter.  We’re working with the doctor now to find out what is going wrong and if we don’t get resolution, we’ll have to see what can be done.  He will get the catheter removed this coming Tuesday so we will see what happens.  Hopefully that will be the end of it.  Got my fingers crossed.

Am anxiously awaiting my copy of Windows 7.  It has proven to be the best operating system I’ve used.  I’m still on the Release Candidate and I haven’t encountered any problems at all with it.  Works just great.   Same goes for Microsoft Security Essentials.  It just sits in my Information Area and protects my computer against all kinds of baddies.  Don’t even know it’s there.

Well, that’s about it for today.  I promise I will post more often.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

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