What today is going to be like.

01 Oct

Well, let’s see.  Woke up to 53º temperatures, which is ok, so far.  Then started the Friday cleaning process by washing the bathroom rugs, cleaning all of the TV’s, mirrors, etc.  Then went out for my morning walk to get the daily Spanish Language paper and when I got home, I verified the crossword puzzle from yesterday (didn’t do so good on that one.) Then started working on today’s puzzle.  Got that one done already.  Will check on Monday to see how well I did.  Now I’m finishing up the rest of the cleaning job.  Getting too old for this big house.  3 floors is a lot to keep clean.

It’s supposed to get up into the 70’s today so maybe I’ll go out into the yard and do some work.  We’ll see what my energy level is like later on after lunch.  If it’s like every other Friday, it’ll be nap time instead of yard work time.  That’s ok, there’s always Saturday and Sunday for yard work.  For that matter, there’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday too.  I still tend to forget that I’m retired so every day is available for whatever.

I must say that I’m really liking this Windows Live Writer for doing my blog for WordPress.  If I get interrupted, I can just save it as a draft and come back and finish it later and don’t even have to be logged on until I go to publish it.  Everyone should try it.  And I think it was a very wise move by Microsoft of moving the Live Spaces to WordPress.  I rarely posted when it was a Live Space, but look at me now.  And I’m going to try to keep it up by posting something, however insignificant, every day.  Retirement doesn’t have to be boring, does it?

Well, that’s about it for today and if something exciting happens, at least I’ll have something to post tomorrow.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Cat in Pumpkin

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