09 Oct

First full day of washing done.

Well, got all the washing done with the new washer and dryer and it just amazes me how the clothes can get so clean with so little water.  And both the washer and dryer are so quiet.  What a difference from the old stuff.  The dryer was here when I bought the house, which was 24+ years ago, so I’m thinking that the dryer must have been at least 30 years old.  But it still worked like a charm.  They just don’t make them like that anymore.

It was a magnificent day today.  In the 80’s and the humidity was low so it just made for a fantastic day.  Too bad I had the washing to do, otherwise I would have found something to be out and about for.  But, since I’m such a creature of habit, I have to do the laundry on Saturday.  Can’t be done any other day.  I did do the area rugs yesterday, but that’s a normal Friday cleaning thing.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

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Posted by on October 9, 2010 in Just regular stuff


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