Just catching up.

29 Oct

Wow, been away for a few days.  Where have I been?  Nowhere, just felt lazy and didn’t post anything.  Went to the doctor the other day.   Blood pressure was good and both I and the doctor were pleased with that.  But, the doctor checked my blood sugar and we found out that I’m a borderline diabetic.  Not good!  But what really pisses me off is that I had blood drawn almost a year ago and besides the normal stuff they check when one is on blood pressure medication, I had them check my thyroid.  The reason I wanted my thyroid checked is because I sweat profusely.  Even when I’m just sitting around doing nothing I can break out into a clammy sweat and it’s very uncomfortable and embarrassing, at least to me it is.  Anyway, my sugar levels were obvious last year when they did the blood work.  So my question is, why didn’t the doctor contact me then so I could start doing something about it?  Ok, it’s considered “borderline” but if I had taken some preventive measures last year, by now, it would be back to normal.  I’m upset, but at the same time, relieved that we now caught it and I can move forward with prevention.

Well, now I have another project to work on.  Bought some new tile for my upstairs bathroom floor and will start working on that on Monday.  That I’m going to do myself as it’s just that self-adhesive tile that’s easy to do.  I just have to make some templates for around the base of the toilet and vanity, but that’s no big deal.  I’ll have to post some before/after pictures when I’m done.  Thank goodness it’s not a big bathroom.Winking smile

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Be safe this Halloween.

WalkerHappy HalloweenGimme

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