Anyone else just tired?

06 Nov

Is anyone else just tired of all the drama that surrounds our everyday lives?  I am.  Getting tired of the Federal/State/Local/ governments telling me what I should or should not eat.  I’m referring to the stuff going on out in California (the whole state is weird anyway) especially in San Francisco about wanting to ban McDonalds Happy Meals because of the obesity problem in the U.S.  They are going about it all wrong.  They need to spend their time and money in re-educating the parents on how to say NO once in a while.  It’s really the parents fault that their kids are obese.  The kids eat what is given to them and if the lazy parents just want to shut the kids up, they’ll give in to them and stuff their little mouths with McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc.  I’m not saying that any of those fast food restaurants are bad, in moderation of course.  But a treat once in a while, like every couple of weeks is NOT going to make your child obese.

They also need to educate the parents that once they get married and have children, it’s no longer just about them, it’s about family.  Spending quality time with the family is of the utmost importance.  Once that stops that’s when the problems will start showing up.  Parents not being around to supervise their children’s eating habits is one of the major causes for their obesity.  Kids are not going to help themselves to the healthy food, they are going to go for what they like, not what’s good for them.  So parents, make sure you are around when your children are hungry and prepare something for them, and I don’t mean just opening a can either.  Actually cook something.  My goodness, what a radical idea.  I know what a lot of folks are going to say.  My job takes up all my time, or my social life takes up all my time.  Well, when you have a family, they are to come first.  Make them your job and your social life.

Sorry for the rant.  I was going to write about other things that are drama filled, but don’t want to turn this into a book.  But if you finished reading this, thank you.  If you agree or don’t agree I would appreciate it if you would comment, please.  And NO I don’t have any children.  Surprised smile

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