09 Jan

Follow up of the Sprint Debacle

I ended up cancelling Sprint altogether.  I received a letter from some Customer Service person and would you believe, he couldn’t even  get my name right.  Addressed me as Theresa Flahey.  Who in the hell is Theresa Flahey?  In the meantime, I had ordered another HTC EVO 4G phone (I guess I’m a glutton for punishment) and after all these problems called to cancel the phone.  I was told that it was in the warehouse and it couldn’t be cancelled.  Well, lo and behold, the next day, it was delivered and I of course refused delivery.  I never received any information that the phone had been shipped and their website was never updated.  Since UPS didn’t provide me with any documentation regarding the shipment refusal, I called Sprint again to get a tracking number and of course I spent over 1/2 hour trying to convince the rep that it had indeed been shipped.  He had to check I don’t know how many different systems to get the information.  I’m glad I cancelled them, now I have to wait to get my refund for the phones.  I hope that goes through without a hitch because I dread the thought of having to call them again.

As I said, I cancelled Sprint and went with Verizon and this time went to an actual retail store and got a fantastic Retail Sales Rep, Chris Sullivan.  What a pleasure it was to do business with him.  He made sure I understood everything about the Plan I was signing up for and for the phones.  Even downloaded some stuff from the Verizon Market for me, saving me the time.  Then, after getting home and thinking about the amount of money I was going to be shelling out every month, decided that I was going to change my plan.  I went back to the store and Chris was just as professional as he was the first day and changed my plan for me with no problem.  So far the service has been great and I pray it stays that way.  Signed up for Family and Friends yesterday and found out that three of the numbers I wanted to add are already in the Verizon network so didn’t have to add them.  That’s great.  Can call those numbers any time I want with no long distance charges and no minute usage.  Super plan.  Thanks Verizon.

Ok, rant done about Sprint.

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