22 Jan

Accessing the internet on my Plasma TV.

Been sitting here all day playing around with my laptop connected to my 65” Plasma TV.  It is so neat.  Had to go buy a longer HDMI cable so that I don’t have to sit so close.  Nice thing is that with the laptop, I can put it on any of the 3 big screen TV’s I have here.  I can’t wait to put it on the 55” LED Samsung, or even the 46” Plasma.  I will have to try one of them tomorrow to see what they look like.

Also was playing around on the Droid X trying to get used to Swype.  It’s not as easy as they show in the videos.  I guess I just need a little more practice.  After I get used to it I think it will be more accurate than typing, only because of my big fingers.  I’m a very good typist on a regular keyboard, but with these small screens on the smart phones it’s really hard to be accurate.

It was cold again today.  Woke up this morning to –4º F.  Good weather for the Bear’s game tomorrow.  I hope they win.  It snowed a little bit today too.  Not much though, just a little dusting.  Just enough to make me get the broom out.

That’s about it for today.

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