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Catching up on stuff

Well, I finally got the Sprint debacle put to bed and boy am I glad it’s over.  They made me wait from January 4th, 2011, which is when I cancelled Sprint, to February 10th, 2011 to get the refund for the phones I paid for in December.  Then they wanted to send me a check that would have taken 10 to 15 days then another 3 to 5 days for it to clear the bank, so I threatened them with legal action if it was not debited to my credit card immediately.  That did the trick, but still, they were using my money for over a month and I didn’t get any interest on that money.  But, it’s over and that’s all I’m concerned with.  I honestly don’t know how they can stay in business with the horrible customer service they have.

Winter is still here.  We had a brief respite last week for a couple of days, but it’s back with a vengeance again.  But, it’s only February, so I guess that’s what to be expected.  At least all of the 20.2” of snow we got is gone and I hope we don’t get any more.

What really has me confused is my blood sugar.  I don’t know what to do or eat anymore.  I’ve tried everything that is suggested on the internet to control sugar levels, but no matter what I do, the sugar in the morning is always erratic to say the least.  Yesterday morning it was 102 which was fantastic and I was euphoric.  All day yesterday I did basically the same as the day before but this morning my sugar was 128.  I mean, that’s not horrible, but I want it closer to 100.  And I’m on Metformin once a day.  I watch what I eat and am eating much smaller portions.  When I snack, it’s like 2 Ritz crackers and a slice of American cheese or a slice of turkey ham.  Or I also have some baby carrots here that I snack on too.  In the evening, if I get hungry, I have an apples with some peanut butter.  Plus I eat extra fiber, eat ground flax seed meal, take Omega 3 fish oil, etc.  all that is supposed to be healthy, yet my sugar levels fluctuate like that, so what am I doing wrong?  I guess I’ll have to talk to the doctor and see what he says.

Just going to sit around the house today and chill.  Maybe I’ll watch a movie or something like that.  Tomorrow I’ll go to the YMCA for my workout.  I’ve trying to get there 3 times a week.  Hopefully I’ll be able to spend some more time there as I get used to the exercises. 

Hope everyone has a great week.

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My goodness we have too much snow.

We have 20.2” of snow on the ground.  My muscles hurt from all the shoveling I’ve done in the last few days.  And for the first time in 3 days, I was able to get the car out of the garage.  Someone had a jeep with a plow on the front and they just pushed all the snow down to the end of the alley and left it there.  Fortunately I have a 4-wheel drive and it wasn’t that bad getting out.  But still.  Why didn’t they push it to the side so cars could get through easily.  As long as they were doing the job, they should have done it right.

Here’s some pictures of the snow.

2011-02-02_13-57-33_4732011-02-02_13-57-50_1951296660715593Here’s a little video of the snow in the alley behind the house..

Jeronimo Shoveling the 20.2 inches of snow we got.

I hope it get up to about 80º F. tomorrow and melts all this snow.

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