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I don’t have any patience

I’m waiting for Comcast to come this morning to upgrade my Internet speed.  They are supposed to be here between 7:30 and 10:00 A.M.  The dispatcher called me this morning to verify the appointment and told me I was the only install during that time frame.  So, it’s 8:04 A.M. and no technician has showed up yet.  Where is he?  He’s probably sitting on the corner somewhere having his breakfast or reading the newspaper.  With me being the only appointment, he should have been here at 7:30 and then he could do his goofing off after he was done here, don’t you think?  I know, I know.  I should be more patient, but I just can’t.  When I want something, I want it NOW, not later.  I’m just too impulsive with everything I do and that’s how I sometimes get myself into trouble.  Crying face

Ok, I’ll let everyone know what time he actually gets here and how the new speed is.

Here’s a speed test I ran at the Comcast site:


Here’s another test I ran at


As one can see, not very consistent.  Download is good at the Comcast site, but not so good at the site.  Upload is consistently bad at both sites.  I used to get over 10Mbps upload speeds, even as high as 13Mbps, so these slow upload speeds are not good.  I hope it gets fixed within the 48 hours that the technician said it would and I hope he wasn’t just telling me that to appease me in the moment.  Paying $250.00 installation fee and $199.00 per month for the service is not chicken feed and I should be getting better, more consistent service than what I’m getting.

The saga will continue over the weekend as I have to have an HP technician here tomorrow to install a new hard drive on my Desktop that I just got last September.  That is another saga that really has me ticked off.  The computer started to hang horribly and it was taking forever for Windows 7 to load.  I thought I had maybe a virus so ran all kinds of anti-virus, anti-malware programs and they found nothing.  So, I re-formatted the hard drive, but that did nothing.  I called HP and went over a bunch of stuff with the Tech Rep. and even though I told her about the error messages when I ran a test on the hard drive, she declared that I had a defective motherboard and sent me the packing to send it in to be repaired.  They got it and all they did was re-format the hard drive again and didn’t even test it and just sent it back the next day with the same problem.  So I called HP again and expressed my disappointment with their service and they were very apologetic and that’s when I found out I have in-home service.  Why the first Tech Rep. didn’t see that is beyond me.  Anyway, I’ve had several calls from HP apologizing for the mess-up, so we’ll see if the new hard drive solves the problem.  I certainly hope so and I’ll post again tomorrow the results.

Well, it took a couple of days and thanks to one special Comcast employee, Steve Teow, also known as ComcastSteve, I finally got the speeds down and up that I’m paying a premium price for.  Hopefully it’ll stay that way.  This is what I got today:  

Now that's what I'm talking about.

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