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Updating Comcast Saga

Well,  I found out that Comcast was offering certain promotions in other states and questioned why Chicago was not being offered the same special introductory rates for the 105Mbps Extreme Tier.  They said that “not all markets offer the same promotions”.  Well, that sucks, big time.  Chicago is a major market whereas Utah isn’t, so why do they get a huge discount for the 105Mbps Extreme and we don’t?  I know, I sound like a whiner, but I think if they are going to offer promotions to get people to sign up for that tier, they should offer it to everyone and not just a select few.  The income they would generate from it would  be phenomenal.  So, the person I was dealing with said that in Utah, they were being signed up for a 2 year contract and that’s why they were getting the special pricing.  I told them that I would be more than willing to sign a contract to get that special pricing for 12 months, but they don’t even offer that here.  So, what’s wrong with that picture?  In Utah, the person who started this whole thing is also getting a big discount on the installation charge.  Instead of being charged $250.00 like I was, he is only being charged $60.00.  Another kick in the butt for me.  Then he is getting the 105Mbps Extreme tier for $105.00/Mo. for 12 months while I have to pay $199.00/Mo.  I don’t know, but it just seems like living in Chicago just isn’t worth it anymore.  Think I’ll move to Utah.


Anyway, the person I was dealing with said that Chicago “may” at some time have a promotion.  Well, that don’t do me any good, because once I have it, they are not going to come back and give me the special.  So, I’m just screwed all around.  Too bad there aren’t other alternatives in this area that can compete with Comcast.  If there were, they would probably change their strategy.  And no, I’m not going to install other Comcast services.  I tried that and they just don’t compare with what I already have for TV and I don’t need a land line phone as I’m strictly cellular, which is another saga which I need to get resolved soon too, but that’s another day.

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