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Another rant!

Well, I finally decided to switch from Verizon to AT&T – AGAIN!.  I went for the Windows Phone 7 and was disappointed.  The phone was not at all user friendly and they no longer put any user manuals in the phones, so you’re basically on your own as to how to set the phone up.  So if you don’t download the user manual from the internet, you’re screwed.  So, I took it back the next day and got another Android phone, the Samsung Infuse.  Nice phone and a nice big 4.5” Super Amoled Display.  The camera and video are fantastic.  We went down to the planetarium the other evening and shot some pretty decent videos and took a couple of passable pictures.  Even though it was dark, they turned out fairly decent.  So, as I said, I’m back with AT&T and not going to change ever again.  The call quality is much superior to Verizon and Sprint and I don’t know why I was so stubborn and switched.  Live and learn I guess.

Then today I had to call DirecTV again because they hadn’t refunded me cost of my “free” movie nor the $1.50 they charged because I ordered it over the phone.  The young man I spoke to with the name of “Deshawn” was apologetic and said that the $5.99 for the movie would be on next month’s bill but they weren’t going to refund me the $1.50 for the phone call.  He said it should have been done using the internet but every time I tried to do that, I kept getting errors that the request couldn’t be processed, so how could I have don’t it on the internet?  So after giving him an earful about my being a customer for over 16 years and they couldn’t afford to give me $1.50, he agreed to give me the rebate.  It’s just terrible the hoops you have to jump through to get anything done anymore.

Well, I hope that’s all the aggravation I’m going to have for a very long time now.  I just can’t take it anymore.  Hope everyone else is having a much better time.

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Continuing tech saga.

Well, I thought my saga with the phones and computers was over, but I guess not.  Verizon still doesn’t seem to care that I can’t get service inside my house.  They send out an engineer and he says that the signal is great “outside”.  When I try to tell them I don’t live “outside” and that I need service “inside”, their attitude gives me the feeling that they think I’m strange because I want service inside my home.  My goodness, there must be something wrong with me.  Surprised smile  They convinced me that what I needed was a Network Extender and it would be just like having a cell phone tower inside my home.  Yeah, right.  So I spend $249.00 for that stupid Network Extender, get it home and plug it in according to all the instructions and it don’t work.  So I log on to the internet and check out Verizon Support and Netgear support and follow all suggestions and it still don’t work.  I left it on all night to see if it would finally sync up and nothing, so I returned it and got a credit.  I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I can’t switch because I’ll be hit with over $600.00 in Early Termination Fees.  I just don’t care for Verizon’s attitude but they just don’t seem to care, so I guess I’ll have to wait until 2012 to switch.  Ok, one rant done.

Then there’s the problems I’ve had with my computer.  First, my desktop started to just hang whenever I clicked on anything, be it via the browsers or just in Windows.  So I called HP and the person I spoke to came to the conclusion that it was the motherboard so she made arrangements for me to send it to Texas to have it replaced.  So, off it goes to Texas.  I get it back in 3 days and all they did was reload the operating system.  I got back on the phone and spoke to a different tech person and she is beside herself as to why the first tech person said it was the motherboard.  So we did more diagnosing and of course it was the hard drive, and then it dawned on us that I have in-home service and the computer is still under warranty, so they had a service man come out to replace the hard drive.  Ok, I’m now a happy camper again.Open-mouthed smile  Then the other day, the internet stopped working and after doing some diagnosing and calling Comcast we discern that it’s the Ethernet card that has died.  So I get on the phone again with HP and they make arrangements for another tech person to come and switch out the motherboard because the Ethernet card is integrated into it.  He shows up today and it takes him 2-1/2 hours to get the board installed.  I was about ready to scream.  But he called someone and they walked him through getting it finished and I’m again a happy camper.Open-mouthed smile 

I hope this is the end of it.  Hope everyone else is having a much better time of it.

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