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Just catching up

Well, just trying to catch up since the last time I wrote.    Have been with AT&T now for a while and there seem to be no glitches, thank heavens.  But there weren’t before, just my stubbornness made me change.  I can’t believe how much money it cost me to switch all those times.  I’ll never learn.  I think I’ve finally settled on AT&T.  They seem to have the best coverage and so far, no dropped calls.  I may have to make a slight adjustment on my data plan though as I really don’t use it very much and I can’t see paying extra for data I don’t need.  Since Jeronimo won that Galaxy Tab, I’ll use even less.  I’m really set now for technology.  Have the desktop, the laptop, my Android phone (the Samsung Infuse) and now the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which by the way, if you are going to look for a tablet, get the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  It’s super and now with the latest update, it has Swype, which I love.  Makes typing so much easier on those smaller screens.  Of course nothing will ever really replace the regular keyboard, especially for a touch-typist like myself.

Not really too much new around here.  Finally getting some tomatoes ripening, can’t wait to bite into one.  There are times I wish I lived in the country so I could have a big garden like my Dad used to have.  He planted tomatoes, potatoes, asparagus, peppers, cucumbers, etc. and everything grew will.  Mom used to plant green beans along the driveway by the garage and they did well too.  Maybe one of these days.  Dreaming don’t cost anything, does it?

That’s about it for this session.  Hope everyone is doing well.

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