What a busy two weeks I’ve had.

12 Oct

Jerónimo has been in California since Oct. 1st and I have been busy working around the house trying to update/clean/modify stuff.  I started by painting my kitchen cabinets, which started out on a bad note because of the advice by the Home Depot paint department associate.  I tool a door from one of the cabinets with me so I could show them what I wanted to paint and asked for his advice.  He said that I would have to prime them first.  So, he gave me a gallon of Killz 2 primer.  Then I picked out the color of paint and he mixed it up.  I then asked him what I should use to apply the primer, a brush or a roller and he said that because of the texture, a brush would be better.  So, that’s what I did.  What a mistake that was.  After removing all the hardware and priming everything, when I started the regular paint, all the brush marks showed right through and I was beside myself.  So, I closed up the can of paint and headed to Home Depot to solve the problem.

Got to Home Depot and the same guy was not there so I talked to the girl and she said that she didn’t know why he told me to use a brush when everyone knows that brush marks on primer will show through, especially on a light paint.  So she said that I would have to sand all of the cabinets and I told her there was no way I was going to do that and asked for another alternative.  She said that I could try a primer/paint combo and see if that worked, but she said she would not guarantee it would.  So I got another gallon, but a little darker than the first one.  I was fortunate that they had pity on me and they agreed to take back the original gallon.  So when I got home and I started to paint and fortunately, it worked and I got all the cabinets painted.  But boy was it a lot of work.  Took me all week, but they look beautiful.  Here’s a couple pictures.



Then I decided to refinish the sink in the basement kitchen.  I bought one of those kits to refinish sinks and bathtubs and have had it for a long time, just never got around to doing it.  So, I taped everything off and worked it according to the directions and gave it two coats as per directions and boy does it look nice.  Already washed dishes in it and it’s just like brand new.

After that was done I started cleaning out closets and drawers and the garage of stuff that has been here for most of the 25 years we’ve been here and we still haven’t used it, so it went in the garbage.  Now all the closets/drawers/garage really look nice and neat.

Jerónimo will be home this Friday and I hope he likes all the work I’ve done.  If not, well, too bad.

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