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My new Windows 8 machine

And boy do I love it.  Still learning all the new, neat stuff it has, but slowly but surely I’ll master it, just like I master everything else in life.  I got the Dell XPS One 27 from the Microsoft Store in Oakbrook, IL  They gave me a nice trade in allowance on my HP DV7-T laptop, so that was nice.  They really know how to treat their customers out there.  It has always been a very pleasant experience.

EDIT:  I have since returned the Dell piece of garbage and replaced it with a Lenovo Ideacenter A720 and boy is it magnificent.  Much nicer than the Dell crap.  This one has a 27″ monitor that lays flat so it can be used as a Surface.  Nice, really nice.  Only objection I have about this system is the keyboard.  The keys are in odd places and there is no single Delete key and you have to do a Shift and press the decimal point key on the numeric keyboard in order to delete something.  Rather cumbersome if you ask me.  So, today I went to Best Buy and got a Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard and boy is it fantastic.  Can hold a charge for up to 3 months even in complete darkness.  Was also looking at the K800, but that one is too big for the little table that I have the computer sitting on.  I need to get a bigger table.  Maybe I can find a carpenter who can make me one.  

Other than that, everything here is going well.  Am losing a little bit of weight and my sugar and blood pressure are both under control.

Hope everyone had a nice Halloween and have a nice weekend.

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