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Just catching up

Well,  still in love with my new Vaio Flip.  Still getting used to the touch though.  My big fat fingers keep touching the wrong thing.  LOL  I have the stylus, but  keep forgetting to use it all the time.  And of course I could always use the touch pad, but find that awkward.  So, I guess I’ll just have to buy a mouse for it and disable the touch pad.  Never satisfied.

Went to the doctor the other day because I’ve had a pain in my left arm since before November of last year and it just wouldn’t go away.  Doctor couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on and said it sounded like tendonitis so gave me some medicine to take for 2 weeks and it has helped but when the medication starts to wear off I can feel the pain coming back.  But, it’s only been a couple of days, so we’ll see after the 2 weeks what happens.

Had an Echocardiogram done last week and the doctor said he was very pleased with it, which is excellent news.  Now I don’t have to see him until July. 

Well, that’s about it for this edition.  Hope all are doing well.

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