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Day 3 on my new Sony Vaio

As the title says, it’s now day 3 on my new Vaio Flip and I’m still loving it.  Got the majority of my software downloaded and installed and everything is working fine so I hope it stays that way.  Now I just have to download all the games I play on here.  I already have my Microsoft Solitaire Collection installed, which is what I enjoy playing the most, especially Free Cell.  And I already have Microsoft Mahjong installed which is really addictive.  Got a friend of mine hooked on it too.

Spent the day just surfing and reading emails and early this morning early went to the store for some stuff I needed, then stopped in at Walgreen’s for some more stuff.  Yesterday went to Macy’s and got a Martha Stewart 10 piece cookware set they had on sale and I also had a “Thank You” coupon from them so the final bill was only $26.00.  Then was looking around the store and saw some shorts on sale for only $9.99 but with other in-store discounts for using their credit card they were only $7.49.  I hate it when they give so many discounts because I end up buying more than what I wanted to.  But, I guess that’s pretty common.  But I like the quality of their merchandise.

That’s about all that has transpired since Friday.  Going to make an apricot pie tomorrow.  Hope it turns out well.

Hope everyone is doing well.


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New Notebook

Well, sitting here typing this on my brand spanking new Sony Vaio Flip 14 that I picked up yesterday.  The reason I had to pick it up is because they weren’t supposed to deliver it until Monday the 17.  I went to the gym and when I was done with my routine, I checked the status and saw that they had made an attempt to deliver it yesterday.  I only missed him by 2 hours so I called and asked if they could reschedule it for yesterday.  The young man I spoke to said that he was able to reschedule it for between 12:00 and 2:30.  So, here I sat and a little after 2:30 Fedex called me and said that they couldn’t guarantee delivery.  So, the door tag said that after 5:00 I could pick it up in Hillside, which is a 30 minute drive, depending on the traffic.  Anyway, when I got there I asked for the manager and before the attendant called the manager, I had to explain everything to her first.  But she was the nicest person.  I wish all customer service reps were that nice. 

The manager finally came to the front and she said she was going to go searching for the item.  Apparently the driver didn’t even check in when he returned.  They just shrugged it off.  I really don’t care because the manager found my notebook and I am a happy camper right now.  It’s one of those notebooks that has several configurations.  I can use it just like I am right now, as a notebook, or I can lay the screen down and use it as a tablet.  Then I can turn the screen around so that the keyboard is in the back and it’s like a stand.  I really like it.  Haven’t tried typing on the on-screen keyboard though, maybe that will have to come later.  Since I’m a touch typist, I don’t now how that is going to work.

Here is a link to what it can do.

Anyway, hope everyone had a great St. Valentines Day.

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My vacation

Returned on 12/12/12 from a 3 week vacation in Mexico.  Most of the time was spent in Cueramaro, Guanajuato.  Made some side trips to Silao, Irapuato and Mexico City where we spent 4 days.  Stayed with Chava and Lulu Reyes.  They are a fantastic couple and really know how to make you feel at home.  Got to see Lola, Chayo, Erica, Rafa, Regina and Romina as well as Estela and Toño Saragoza.  Only thing is I wasn’t in the best of moods.  Had some digestive problems but it only lasted 2 days, fortunately.  Other than that, we had a fantastic time in Mexico City. 


The side trip to Silao was to visit the Gonzalez sisters.  They have such a beautiful home and boy can they cook.  Here are some pictures of their home.


As you can see, some fantastic plants.

In Irapuato, we went to dinner at the Hacienda de Torres.  They have fantastic food there.


We really had a fantastic time and before we left, I was thinking that 3 weeks was going to be real long time, but boy it just flew by.  Seems like we just got there and it was time to come back home.  And yes, it is nice to travel, but it’s much nicer to get back home and to sleep in my own bed. 

That’s all for now.  Hope everyone is doing well.

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.


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My new Windows 8 machine

And boy do I love it.  Still learning all the new, neat stuff it has, but slowly but surely I’ll master it, just like I master everything else in life.  I got the Dell XPS One 27 from the Microsoft Store in Oakbrook, IL  They gave me a nice trade in allowance on my HP DV7-T laptop, so that was nice.  They really know how to treat their customers out there.  It has always been a very pleasant experience.

EDIT:  I have since returned the Dell piece of garbage and replaced it with a Lenovo Ideacenter A720 and boy is it magnificent.  Much nicer than the Dell crap.  This one has a 27″ monitor that lays flat so it can be used as a Surface.  Nice, really nice.  Only objection I have about this system is the keyboard.  The keys are in odd places and there is no single Delete key and you have to do a Shift and press the decimal point key on the numeric keyboard in order to delete something.  Rather cumbersome if you ask me.  So, today I went to Best Buy and got a Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard and boy is it fantastic.  Can hold a charge for up to 3 months even in complete darkness.  Was also looking at the K800, but that one is too big for the little table that I have the computer sitting on.  I need to get a bigger table.  Maybe I can find a carpenter who can make me one.  

Other than that, everything here is going well.  Am losing a little bit of weight and my sugar and blood pressure are both under control.

Hope everyone had a nice Halloween and have a nice weekend.

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Just catching up a little.

Been a while since I last updated my blog so it’s about time I take care of that.

As I posted in my blog of Sept. 18, I’ve been playing with the Windows 8 Developer Preview and just love it and it has turned me on to the new series of Windows Phones.  I went to the #WPCHI Night Market on Friday and got a look at all the new phones and fell in love with the HTC Titan, which has a 4.7” screen.  It’s not really much bigger than the Samsung Infuse I have, which has a 4.5” screen, but the Titan is a Windows Phone and the Infuse is Android.  Big difference in the OS and that’s why I want to try the Windows Phone, now that it has the Mango update.  Can’t wait to try the Panoramic imaging that is build in to the HTC Titan.  I saw it in action the other night and it is just so super simple to use.  It has an 8 megapixel rear facing camera and a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera for video chatting.  Also has a 1.5Ghz processor which will make it pretty darned speedy.  I’ll have this baby in my hands on the 20th of Nov.  Can’t wait.  LOL

The party on Friday was fantastic.  I was just amazed at the logistics of putting together an event like that for the 400 invited guests.  The setting up of all the different phone stations and the food and drink stations was just so well done that even with all those guests, it never seemed crowded at all.  There were all kinds of opportunities for us to win things like new phones, 3 month subscriptions to X-Box live, etc. which I thought was nice and the band that played was called Drums.  Super band.  Really had my feet a stomping.

Jeronimo is in Mexico for a month so I’m here all by myself and am planning on doing some more updating in the house.  First I have to get the outside stuff done.  I still have to pull out all the flowers and stuff and prepare the beds for next spring and will do that today because it’s supposed to be in the 60’s.  Once I get that out of the way, I can concentrate on the inside.  I think I’m going to paint the upstairs bathroom.  It’s kind of a peach color now and I think I want to go with either a beige or a taupe color, not sure yet.  I’m not going to tell Jeronimo, I’ll just let him see it when he comes home.  LOL

Ok, that’s it for today.  Here are some pictures of the #WPCHI Night Market.

#WPCHI 004#WPCHI 006#WPCHI 007#WPCHI 012#WPCHI 013#WPCHI 015#WPCHI 018#WPCHI 020#WPCHI 021#WPCHI 024

Just a little update.  Got my HTC Titan from the Microsoft store yesterday and boy is it nice.  It’s not really that much bigger than the Samsung Infuse I have.  The Titan is 4.7” and the Infuse is 4.5”  but hey, it’s still bigger.  Got it all set up the way I want it and got some of my music sync’d to it so I’m one happy camper right now.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Take care.

Just to let you all know, I’m still in love with my HTC Titan and Windows 7.5 Mango.

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Playing with Windows 8 Developer Preview

Have been playing with Windows 8 Developer Preview since Thursday and I am liking it more and more every day.  Was a very short learning curve getting used to the new “Metro” UI but now that I’ve figured it out, I think it’s pretty neat and am able to navigate all my programs with ease now.  I know it’s just a preview, but so far I’ve only had one problem.  I was testing PaintShop Pro 4X and it won’t run on Windows 8.  But that is to be expected.  Not everything is going to run on a Dev. Preview.  But, I thought I would give it a try anyway and since I’m going to be doing a review of the PaintShop Pro 4X I figured I’d try it anyway.  Here’s a screen shot of what the new “Metro” UI looks like, in case you haven’t seen it:


Pretty neat isn’t it?  I think so.  Of course most of the games I won’t be playing, but they are only there for show anyway and probably won’t all be there in the Betas or final versions of Windows 8.  Now that I’m getting used to the UI, I’m considering trying the Windows Phone 7 again because the UI is the same on that phone.  I’m just waiting for AT&T to get back to me on when the new HTC Titan phone is going to be available.  It has a 4.7” screen which I think will be nice.  I’ve been using the Samsung Infuse with the Android OS and I kind of like that too, so am not really 100% sure if I’ll switch to the Windows 7 Phone or not.  Will have to really take a hard look at it first.

Other than that, nothing exciting has happened around here.  Went to Shipshewana, IN to the flea market a couple of times and bought lots of stuff I really don’t need.  Well, I did get a few sets of sheets which I really did need, but other than that, the rest was just stuff for the yard.  I could start my own flea market now.  LOL

That’s about it.  So hope everyone is doing well.

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Updating Comcast Saga

Well,  I found out that Comcast was offering certain promotions in other states and questioned why Chicago was not being offered the same special introductory rates for the 105Mbps Extreme Tier.  They said that “not all markets offer the same promotions”.  Well, that sucks, big time.  Chicago is a major market whereas Utah isn’t, so why do they get a huge discount for the 105Mbps Extreme and we don’t?  I know, I sound like a whiner, but I think if they are going to offer promotions to get people to sign up for that tier, they should offer it to everyone and not just a select few.  The income they would generate from it would  be phenomenal.  So, the person I was dealing with said that in Utah, they were being signed up for a 2 year contract and that’s why they were getting the special pricing.  I told them that I would be more than willing to sign a contract to get that special pricing for 12 months, but they don’t even offer that here.  So, what’s wrong with that picture?  In Utah, the person who started this whole thing is also getting a big discount on the installation charge.  Instead of being charged $250.00 like I was, he is only being charged $60.00.  Another kick in the butt for me.  Then he is getting the 105Mbps Extreme tier for $105.00/Mo. for 12 months while I have to pay $199.00/Mo.  I don’t know, but it just seems like living in Chicago just isn’t worth it anymore.  Think I’ll move to Utah.


Anyway, the person I was dealing with said that Chicago “may” at some time have a promotion.  Well, that don’t do me any good, because once I have it, they are not going to come back and give me the special.  So, I’m just screwed all around.  Too bad there aren’t other alternatives in this area that can compete with Comcast.  If there were, they would probably change their strategy.  And no, I’m not going to install other Comcast services.  I tried that and they just don’t compare with what I already have for TV and I don’t need a land line phone as I’m strictly cellular, which is another saga which I need to get resolved soon too, but that’s another day.

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