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Catching up again

Well, here I am again, catching up on what has been going on around here lately.

To start off, I’m typing this on my new Surface Pro 3 which I just got delivered today and am still in the process of setting up.  So far, I’m loving it.  Had a few little wrinkles in the very beginning but I think I’ve ironed them out.  At least I hope I have.  LOL  Got the purple Type Pad and the Wedge mouse along with it.  Not sure I like the Wedge mouse, so I may end up returning it.  We’ll see I guess.  I may be just a matter of getting used to it.

Last Saturday we had a Birthday party for Jerónimo and had a lot of people here and had a ton of food.  Here are some pictures.


Those were taken before eveyrone got there.  As you can see, there were a lot of deserts.

Jerónimo’s niece from California was here for 6 days and she had a great time.  At least that’s what she said.  We went down to Leonore, IL and had lunch at Smitty’s tavern, then we went up to Holy Hill in Wisconsin and stopped in downtown Chicago to take in the Bean and Millenium Park and we had a nice lunch and a few drinks in one the the restaurants there.  It was a real nice day.

Well, I have been dieting and watching the portion size and have managed to drop 23 pounds in just over 2 months.  So, I’m pretty proud of myself.  I have a doctors appointment on the 23rd of June and I’m sure he will be happy with my A1C results.

Weather here has been pretty erratic lately.  One day hot, the next day you need a light jacket.  Mother Nature must really be upset with us.

That’s about it for this posting.  Will try to keep up more often.

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Catching up and health stuff

Have been on a self-imposed diet for a month.  The reason I started the diet is because I met with a Nurse specialist in Diabetes and she provided me with a lot of very helpful information.  I just wish I could find her phone number so I could call and thank her.  I followed her suggestions and when I first started, I weighed 237 lbs.  And so far, I am down to 217 lbs.  I also have not had to take my diabetes medication (Metformin) since starting, which is exactly 1 month ago today.  Yesterday I decided to check my blood pressure and was amazed at the results.  It was 119/63, which is excellent and I’m sure my primary physician and my Cardiologist will be very pleased.  I don’t have an appointment with my Primary Physician until June 8th, but am going to ask him if I can either reduce my blood pressure medication or possibly eliminate it all together.  I’m hoping is the latter because I really don’t relish the idea of taking all that medication for the rest of my life.

So, that is what has been happening lately and as anyone can understand, I’m completely happy with the results.  I still have quite a few pounds to go before I attain my “ideal” weight, but I’ll keep plugging along and slowly but surely, I’ll make it.

So, how has everyone else been doing?  Wish someone would leave m some kind of comment.

On another note, I upgraded my Windows Phone to the latest 8.1 Preview and boy oh boy is it something.  Microsoft has really hit the ball out of the park with this update.  I especially love Cortana, the new “Personal Assistant” and the Swype keyboard.  Those are the two things I will be using the most.  Cortana really knows me, of course I had to give her some hints as to my likes, but that’s OK.  She still loves me.  LOL  And that Swype Keyboard function is just fantastic.  No matter how far away from the correct key is, it still knows exactly what I am trying to say and I really don’t even have to think anymore.  Of course that’s stretching it a little bit, but that stuff is the “cats meow”.  LOL


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Catching up on stuff

Well, I finally got the Sprint debacle put to bed and boy am I glad it’s over.  They made me wait from January 4th, 2011, which is when I cancelled Sprint, to February 10th, 2011 to get the refund for the phones I paid for in December.  Then they wanted to send me a check that would have taken 10 to 15 days then another 3 to 5 days for it to clear the bank, so I threatened them with legal action if it was not debited to my credit card immediately.  That did the trick, but still, they were using my money for over a month and I didn’t get any interest on that money.  But, it’s over and that’s all I’m concerned with.  I honestly don’t know how they can stay in business with the horrible customer service they have.

Winter is still here.  We had a brief respite last week for a couple of days, but it’s back with a vengeance again.  But, it’s only February, so I guess that’s what to be expected.  At least all of the 20.2” of snow we got is gone and I hope we don’t get any more.

What really has me confused is my blood sugar.  I don’t know what to do or eat anymore.  I’ve tried everything that is suggested on the internet to control sugar levels, but no matter what I do, the sugar in the morning is always erratic to say the least.  Yesterday morning it was 102 which was fantastic and I was euphoric.  All day yesterday I did basically the same as the day before but this morning my sugar was 128.  I mean, that’s not horrible, but I want it closer to 100.  And I’m on Metformin once a day.  I watch what I eat and am eating much smaller portions.  When I snack, it’s like 2 Ritz crackers and a slice of American cheese or a slice of turkey ham.  Or I also have some baby carrots here that I snack on too.  In the evening, if I get hungry, I have an apples with some peanut butter.  Plus I eat extra fiber, eat ground flax seed meal, take Omega 3 fish oil, etc.  all that is supposed to be healthy, yet my sugar levels fluctuate like that, so what am I doing wrong?  I guess I’ll have to talk to the doctor and see what he says.

Just going to sit around the house today and chill.  Maybe I’ll watch a movie or something like that.  Tomorrow I’ll go to the YMCA for my workout.  I’ve trying to get there 3 times a week.  Hopefully I’ll be able to spend some more time there as I get used to the exercises. 

Hope everyone has a great week.

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Catching up a little bit

Woke up to a light dusting of snow this morning.  They are predicting anywhere from 2” to 7”, depending on which TV or radio station I happen to be listening to.  But then how many times are they right?  Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Have been doing very well with my sugar testing.  I’ve lost weight and my daily sugar count is getting closer and closer to target.  I’m bound and determined to control it with diet and exercise.  Two days ago it was at 113, but then yesterday morning it was at 139, which isn’t too awfully bad, I don’t think.  And then this morning it was at 127.  I won’t be satisfied until it’s constantly at 100 or below.  But the important thing is that I know I can control it and the second benefit is the weight loss.  I am now down to a size 40 waist and even though it’s only a drop from 42, it’s a major accomplishment for me.  I still have one pair of slacks that are 38 and I’m hoping that by next week, I’ll be able to fit into them without having to struggle.  Dieting isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I quite smoking cold turkey, so I know I can stop eating just as easily.  Well, I don’t mean stop eating all together, just reducing the portion size and content.  I’m also taking additional fiber, which helps.

Christmas is right around the corner and I got my decorations up.  Just seems that Christmas doesn’t have the same importance anymore.  Both parents are gone and the brothers who are left are all off in other states doing their own thing, so it’s just me and Jerónimo and we don’t even exchange gifts anymore.  We used to, but we both have everything we need, so we’re going out today to get ourselves some new colognes.  We both have a passion for men’s colognes.  We only have about 25 different ones already.  Hey, some people collect other things, we collect colognes.

Well, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New year.

Merry Christmas


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Are you ready for Christmas?

I’m not, but then I never am.  LOL  Did anyone go out shopping today, Black Friday?  I was going to try to get to Kohl’s but didn’t feel like getting up at 2:00 A.M.  I really don’t need to buy anything anyway, so it would have been just to check out the crowds.  I know, that’s crazy, but then no one ever said I was all there.Surprised smile 

So, did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving?  You didn’t overeat did you?  Now that’s a crazy question.  Of course you overate, just like I did.  Well, I didn’t really overeat as much as I normally would on Thanksgiving because I’m trying to lose weight and since I was diagnosed as being a borderline diabetic, really need to be careful.  I’m trying to control it so I don’t have to go on medication or injections.  I mean, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but if I can avoid it, I will.  I know a lot of diabetics lead very normal lives.

Other than that, there’s nothing really going on of any consequence.  I know I write a boring blog, but I know a lot of others that are worse.

Hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year.

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Just catching up.

Wow, been away for a few days.  Where have I been?  Nowhere, just felt lazy and didn’t post anything.  Went to the doctor the other day.   Blood pressure was good and both I and the doctor were pleased with that.  But, the doctor checked my blood sugar and we found out that I’m a borderline diabetic.  Not good!  But what really pisses me off is that I had blood drawn almost a year ago and besides the normal stuff they check when one is on blood pressure medication, I had them check my thyroid.  The reason I wanted my thyroid checked is because I sweat profusely.  Even when I’m just sitting around doing nothing I can break out into a clammy sweat and it’s very uncomfortable and embarrassing, at least to me it is.  Anyway, my sugar levels were obvious last year when they did the blood work.  So my question is, why didn’t the doctor contact me then so I could start doing something about it?  Ok, it’s considered “borderline” but if I had taken some preventive measures last year, by now, it would be back to normal.  I’m upset, but at the same time, relieved that we now caught it and I can move forward with prevention.

Well, now I have another project to work on.  Bought some new tile for my upstairs bathroom floor and will start working on that on Monday.  That I’m going to do myself as it’s just that self-adhesive tile that’s easy to do.  I just have to make some templates for around the base of the toilet and vanity, but that’s no big deal.  I’ll have to post some before/after pictures when I’m done.  Thank goodness it’s not a big bathroom.Winking smile

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Be safe this Halloween.

WalkerHappy HalloweenGimme

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