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Day 3 on my new Sony Vaio

As the title says, it’s now day 3 on my new Vaio Flip and I’m still loving it.  Got the majority of my software downloaded and installed and everything is working fine so I hope it stays that way.  Now I just have to download all the games I play on here.  I already have my Microsoft Solitaire Collection installed, which is what I enjoy playing the most, especially Free Cell.  And I already have Microsoft Mahjong installed which is really addictive.  Got a friend of mine hooked on it too.

Spent the day just surfing and reading emails and early this morning early went to the store for some stuff I needed, then stopped in at Walgreen’s for some more stuff.  Yesterday went to Macy’s and got a Martha Stewart 10 piece cookware set they had on sale and I also had a “Thank You” coupon from them so the final bill was only $26.00.  Then was looking around the store and saw some shorts on sale for only $9.99 but with other in-store discounts for using their credit card they were only $7.49.  I hate it when they give so many discounts because I end up buying more than what I wanted to.  But, I guess that’s pretty common.  But I like the quality of their merchandise.

That’s about all that has transpired since Friday.  Going to make an apricot pie tomorrow.  Hope it turns out well.

Hope everyone is doing well.


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New Notebook

Well, sitting here typing this on my brand spanking new Sony Vaio Flip 14 that I picked up yesterday.  The reason I had to pick it up is because they weren’t supposed to deliver it until Monday the 17.  I went to the gym and when I was done with my routine, I checked the status and saw that they had made an attempt to deliver it yesterday.  I only missed him by 2 hours so I called and asked if they could reschedule it for yesterday.  The young man I spoke to said that he was able to reschedule it for between 12:00 and 2:30.  So, here I sat and a little after 2:30 Fedex called me and said that they couldn’t guarantee delivery.  So, the door tag said that after 5:00 I could pick it up in Hillside, which is a 30 minute drive, depending on the traffic.  Anyway, when I got there I asked for the manager and before the attendant called the manager, I had to explain everything to her first.  But she was the nicest person.  I wish all customer service reps were that nice. 

The manager finally came to the front and she said she was going to go searching for the item.  Apparently the driver didn’t even check in when he returned.  They just shrugged it off.  I really don’t care because the manager found my notebook and I am a happy camper right now.  It’s one of those notebooks that has several configurations.  I can use it just like I am right now, as a notebook, or I can lay the screen down and use it as a tablet.  Then I can turn the screen around so that the keyboard is in the back and it’s like a stand.  I really like it.  Haven’t tried typing on the on-screen keyboard though, maybe that will have to come later.  Since I’m a touch typist, I don’t now how that is going to work.

Here is a link to what it can do.

Anyway, hope everyone had a great St. Valentines Day.

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